A Shotover the Moon: The Mind of an Endurance Runner   

The term “endurance race” can strike fear into the hearts of even the most enthusiastic athlete. Whether it’s a half-marathon, Ironman triathlon or ultra marathon, endurance races challenge participants’ physical and mental stamina and resilience. This week, AGOGA’s very own Swedish endurance hero himself, Kalle Kortelainen, shares his experience running the incredible Shotover Moonlight Marathon. Whether you’re an endurance junkie or not, grab a cuppa, get comfortable and enjoy Kalle’s journey, insights and learnings which can help us tackle our everyday challenges. Over to you Kalle.

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5 Simple Nut-based Recipes


This month I’ve been taking on the Nuts For Life #nuts30days30ways challenge, which involves swapping a less saintly snack for a small handful of nuts every day throughout March. I thought I’d share these 5 easy to make nut recipes I’ve had on repeat, in the hope they might inspire our Agogian army to fuel up on all the good stuff.

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Why I joined The Biggest Loser: Transformed


The Biggest Loser: Transformed kicks off at 7:30pm tonight on Channel TEN and I’ll be stepping on screen as the newest trainer on the series. I really hope you watch it and love the incredibly brave and authentic contestants just as much as I do. Before the show kicks off, I wanted to tell you why I was so passionate about saying a big YES to this daunting but exciting, life-changing adventure.
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4 Steps to Increase Your Running Cadence

Whether you’re a weekend jogger, a budding marathon runner or simply looking to improve your technique on the treadmill, there are always simple changes that can dramatically improve your running form. Who doesn’t like some cheeky coaching advice?! We know you do, so AGOGA has brought in some international expertise to help boost your running by increasing your cadence.

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Delightful Desserts: There’s a New Nutritionist in Town


There’s never a dull moment these days on Bondi Road! You’ve already read about our sweaty (in a great way) infrared sauna friends at Nimbus & Co, and now it’s time to meet Accredited Nutritionist Claire Barker from Whole Health Nutrition who’ll be practising from the beautiful Nimbus & Co wellness studio. Heads up – we’re talking about chocolate raspberry & hazelnut bark AND raw snickers bars in this blog… are you ready?

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