AGOGA Specialist

A range of specialist classes catering to those with specific goals. Varied from season to season.


Our own uniquely structured boxing for fitness class.

A mix of simple, high intensity boxing drills designed to teach you correct technique and then put it to use to boost cardio, speed and strength-endurance. You don’t need to have boxed before to do this class, it’s a pure cardio HIIT and will help you blast stress fast.

REPS/WEIGHT: Explosive bodyweight and pad work

INTENSITY: High intensity anaerobic intervals with active recovery

EXERCISES: High intensity anaerobic intervals with active recovery


A gym class designed specifically for the female body. Burn fat, create tone and lift your butt!

Women have very specific goals when it comes to training. They want flat tummies, perky butts and lean, toned limbs, so this class is designed specifically to support those goals. Targeted toning exercises, core training and guided cardio intervals combine to create your perfect body and a motivating soundtrack adds a little fun to the mix!

REPS/WEIGHT: Lighter weights and high repetition bodyweight

INTENSITY: Medium to high intensity

EXERCISES: Targeted floor exercises and a combination of BOSU, TRX, cables and free weights, plus treadmill cardio intervals


Core conditioning at its best. Strengthen your deeper abdominal muscles, support your spine and stand tall!

This class works to strengthen the muscles supporting your entire core, from shoulders to hips and everything in between. Using a combination of balance training tools, you’ll learn to switch on your deeper abdominals, stabilise your spine and control the movement of your body in any direction.

REPS/WEIGHT: Controlled movement and isolation work

INTENSITY: Low to medium intensity

EXERCISES: Balance training using BOSU discs, fitness balls and functional cable work, plus some technical treadmill intervals that teach you to switch on your core.